Salesforce Consulting

Introducing CRM Command

We’re a team of hard-working Salesforce know-it-alls that get a kick out of making it simple and straightforward.

For us, it’s much more than implementing technology

We are uniquely qualified to understand the complexity of your situation. We got our start building global sales organizations from the ground up. Today we continue to empower sales teams by implementing and optimizing hundreds of Salesforce orgs.

We’ve been in your shoes. We know you need better automation, reporting and improved business processes. We also know you don’t need a lot of tech-talk or complicated documents. And, unlike a large consultancy, you will have our focus and attention to move your projects quickly and efficiently.


A well designed CRM puts the customer at the center of the business and is framed with simplicity, usability and transparency.

Customer Service

With a focus on the needs of small and mid-sized business, we provide high quality services and support, on time and on budget.


Our services are billed at a convenient hourly rate, with no minimum contracts.

Extended Team & Expertise

Frank Silvester
Frank Silvester
Founder & President
Cathy Otocka
Cathy Otocka
Salesforce Senior Consultant

Ready to get started?

Frank and his team offer a range of sales consulting services, including Salesforce administration, optimization, and implementation in Boulder, Denver, throughout Colorado and beyond.